Thursday, 26 January 2017

Monday, 23 January 2017


EWA PHARMACEUTICALS is a drugs marketing & distribution firm. Since its inception in 2016 in Ahmadabad, the company has focused on making high-tech Antibiotic products accessible to patients in India. Ewa is recognized as a pioneer in bringing the “Point of Care” concept to India in 2017 in partnership with a leading Global Healthcare Company who was then searching for a local partner for distribution of their product.
To further the company’s goals in making healthcare accessible to patients at affordable rates with the highest level of efficacy,


To become an exclusive service provider to healthcare industry with marketing, distribution, logistics support for high technology drugs/devices/equipments and specialized services in healthcare, in order to improve patient health at affordable cost with highest quality standards.
We also want to be recognized as the most trusted company which is patient centric, cares for the life and well-being of the patients and which provides only the best possible technology devices and drugs to the patients.